Hey y’all! My name is Doug and I’m a 4th year majoring in Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife with a Wildlife specialization. My two biggest hobbies are definitely birding and climbing. This summer I had a job in the remote NW corner of Montana so I got to do a good bit of both! I’ve always had a passive interest in plants, but have never pursued it as much. Nevertheless I did find some cool orchids this summer, my favorites being probably Calypso bulbosa or Mountain Lady’s Slipper. Looking forward to the semester with y’all!

The motto on my coat of arms is “just go for it.” I feel like most people can do a lot more than they think as long as they don’t write themselves off too early and defeat themselves. The symbol is an ice ax, an indispensable tool in the mountains, and I call Columbus home, having had a 614 area code my whole life.