Hey y’all! My name is Rose and I am a third year Forests, Fisheries, and Wildlife major. At Ohio State I am also an ambassador for the School of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Volunteer Coordinator for the Mountaineers Club.

I am really excited to learn more about plants in this class! Last year I took a class identifying woody forest plants (ENR 3321), so I am excited to learn more about other types of plants. I have always been a huge fan of mosses so I am definitely ready to see more of them!

For my coat of arms, I included a pine tree under a starry night sky to represent my love for nature and camping. I am from Columbus, Ohio and am studying Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at Ohio State. For my quote, I wrote “the roof is not my son, but I will RAISE it!” because I think it is one of the funnier quotes that I could remember, and I have been described as “the life of the party”.

I am so excited to go through this semester with everybody!